Teeth Whitening in Guelph Ontario

This may come as a surprise but teeth are actually porous. Much like skin. With food and drinks that are notorious for staining your carpet (such as wine and coffee) this colouration can also seep into the surface of teeth. The discolouration this causes can be unappealing to some but there are solutions for increasing the whiteness of teeth. That is something we can discuss at Woodlawn Dental Care in Guelph. Direct billing dentist treatments such as this are available.


Home methods for teeth whitening are generally considered safe. The treatment usually consists of strips that are placed onto teeth. These strips prompt the opening of the porous structure in the teeth to push out the stains. This is considered safe when done correctly, as per the instructions. The only issue is usually the sensitivity of the teeth since the opening causes a higher exposure of the nerves. This surface is only opened temporarily.


There are more benefits to the whitening methods we use at out practice, over these home treatments. We have specialist equipment such as custom-fitted whitening trays that ensure a more comprehensive coverage of the teeth. More surface area of the teeth is reached with this treatment than the whitening strips. This is a treatment we can perform for you here at our Guelph family dentist. We can also discuss other procedures to treat discolouration of your teeth if they are excessively damaged, such as veneers and fillings. Our hygiene services are also available to give you a deep clean every few months which can help maintain the whiteness of your teeth. When you visit our practice in Guelph, dental surgeon Dr. Diodati will treat you as an individual and attempt to tailor a suitable solution for you and your oral health.


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Teeth Whitening in GuelphTeeth Whitening in Guelph ON

Last Updated On 2021-10-24