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Many people wonder about orthodontics- will my child need braces?  How much will it cost?  When do I need to start treatment?  Or they wish they had straighter teeth themselves and want to know more about their options- but it's a big step to take the time to find out!  Dr. Diodati at Woodlawn Dental in Guelph wants to take some of the mystery out of orthodontics and give you the information you need to make decisions about the oral care of your family.  For the month of August, Dr. Diodati will provide complimentary orthodontic consultations for you to learn more about your orthodontic options!  Read on to learn more....

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that few people know much about, until their child needs to see an Orthodontist.  An important part of orthodontics is early detection- children as young as 6 years old can have a screening to review their medical and dental history and look at their bite to determine if and when they would need treatment.  Treatment in the childhood years can help to avoid more serious treatments being required in adulthood, as skeletal jaw issues are easier to correct when bones are still growing and developing.  Common issues typically include excessive overbite, misaligned teeth or a constricted upper arch, or could even be as simple as ensuring an open space in the mouth is held open until adult teeth erupt. 

Treatment for these types of issues depends on each individual case, but can include either an appliance that is bonded to the teeth, or one that is removable.  The terms of different appliances get thrown around with dental lingo that can be difficult to understand.  Some of the most common appliance we use to treat orthodontic issues at Woodlawn Dental Care Are: 

Twin Block Appliance:  An upper and lower removable appliance with bite blocks in the back of the mouth.

Space Maintainers- an appliance that can be removable or bonded to the teeth, with the goal of keeping space open until adult teeth erupt.

Hyrax Appliance- used to rapidly expand (push out)the upper dental arch.

Schwarz Appliance- a removable appliance that expands the upper dental arch.


Invisalign- Clear plastic, removable trays worn over the teeth to straighten teeth, correct overbites or close gaps.   favourite with adults.

The best appliance depends on the jaw and teeth of each individual patient.  Treatment time can range from 9 months to 2 years or more, depending on the compliance of the patient with wearing the appliance. 
The first step is to book a FREE Orthodontic Consultation with Dr. Diodati at Woodlawn Dental Care.  He will review your dental health and give you an idea of next steps and treatment options.
If after the consultation you wish to go ahead with treatment, the next step is a records appointment.  This appointment includes a detailed orthodontic examination, molds of teeth, and any needed xrays.
Woodlawn Dental Care also offers the convenience of direct insurance billing and payment plans to make this process as easy as possible.


Dr. Diodati graduated from the University of Detriot Mercy in 1997 and has been practicing dentistry ever since, he is the principal dentist and owner of Woodlawn Dental Care.  He has also taken numerous post graduate courses in cosmentic dentistry, orthodontics, and impant prosthetics.  He lives in Guelph and when he isn't busy looking into your mouth, he enjoys being outdoors, cycling, travelling and reading.

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