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A root canal procedure is a standard method we can use at Woodlawn Dental Care in Guelph. Family dentist Dr. Diodati may recommend this treatment with the purpose of saving the tooth. When the inner core has an infection that spreads to the roots, it needs to be dealt with in order to prevent the complete removal of the tooth.


The signs of a root canal being necessary are sensitivity to extremes of temperature. Often this can stem from an injury or genetic condition where a deep cavity is created. Complications from a filling can also trigger this infection in the root. Painful inflammation is another sign. As always, if you experience dental discomfort, consult your dentist. Guelph direct billing dentist treatments are available such as these at Woodlawn Dental Care, so pay us a visit to discuss your oral health.


Although the infection itself can cause pain, the procedure itself is actually fairly benign. Anesthesia is used to numb the mouth so it is much less painful than getting an impacted wisdom tooth removed. It can usually take up to two hours depending on the type of tooth requiring the therapy but all cases are different. It can take one or two trips to the dentist. Guelph dental surgeon Dr. Diodati will help ensure your root canal goes as smoothly as possible.


The treatment itself involves cleaning out of the root structure using specialist equipment. The bacteria causing the infection is removed and then the canal is cleaned using an instrument to reach down to the very end of the root structure. Chemicals to remove the bacteria are applied and the tooth would be crowned, since it must be drilled in order to access the root.


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Last Updated On 2021-10-24