Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Guelph Ontario

Sometimes, restorative procedures such as root canal therapy will not suffice and a tooth must be removed. More commonly, this relates to wisdom teeth which do not impact everyone in their lifetime. For those it does affect, action should be taken as early as possible to avoid future complications. This is something that your dentist will determine, like ours at Woodlawn Dental Care in Guelph. Family dentist Dr. Diodati may recommend a tooth removal as a last resort in most cases.


If the roots of a tooth are damaged beyond repair, the removal of a traumatized tooth would help safeguard the health of the remaining teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth, for example, can create issues for the surrounding teeth with inflammation. Cysts can sometimes emerge as a result of untreated, impacted wisdom teeth. These can result in a weakening of the jaw bone.


Before an extraction is undertaken at our office in Guelph, dental surgeon Dr. Diodati will undertake a full examination of the patient. This would include medical and dental history to assess the impact of the procedure and its benefits. X-rays of the mouth would be taken.


Preventative measures are important to oral health. This usually consists of brushing twice a day as a bare minimum. However, growth of wisdom teeth and other external factors sometimes cannot be prevented. Extraction could be viewed as one of these preventative measures since early detection and treatment will often mitigate future complications with oral health.


Our Guelph dental surgeon is here to discuss these issues with you and alleviate any misconceptions you might have about tooth extraction. Often, if you think a tooth needs to be removed, it can be solved with a different kind of procedure. You can never accurately tell from initial observation, which is why regular dentist visits are recommended to stay on top of your oral health. Contact us to make an appointment at Woodlawn Dental Care.

Tooth Extraction in GuelphTooth Extraction in Guelph Ontario

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in GuelphWisdom Tooth Extraction Guelph

Last Updated On 2021-10-24